Source code compilation needs:



Get the tarball containing the source files, under linux usually ./configure and make build the binary without trouble. Optionally there's a kdevelop project, just open and build it.

Windows users may do the same under cygwin, but also a DevCpp project is available in the bundle, just open GLNebula.dev and press F9.

See the Requirements and installation section of the (outdated and soon to be updated) manual for more information.

Binaries (32 bits)

Download the linux binaries. For windows a bundle with the program and the required dlls to run it can be downloaded here.

Sorry mac users, until I have access to MacOS X I cannot provide any useful files, fortunately GLNebula uses only portable libraries.

.Sample Data

Photoionization model of a mock bipolar nebula created by Cloudy_3D, courtesy of Cristophe Morisset.

Grid dimensions: 50x50x50, about 15000 visible cells.

Get the three layers in zip format: